Bored to Death is wonderful and its soundtrack is wonderfuller

It’s the loveliest show, with a really charming, warm, Wonder Boys-ish feel to it, and it wins you over in the first five minutes. Also, flawless casting.

Here’s the trailer:

For a proper idea of the tone, regardes les soundtrack listing:

1. Bored to Death Theme – Coconut Records
2. Rave On – M. Ward feat. Zooey Deschanel (Buddy Holly cover)
3. Little Bit – Lykke Li
4. The Prowl – Dan Auerbach
5. Salad Days – Young Marble Giants
6. When the Night Turns Cold – Tobias Froberg
7. Lull – Andrew Bird
8. Inside Out – Kaiser Cartel
9. Fucked Me Right Up – Sean Hayes
10. Romeo – Dawn Landes
11. Kilojoules – Freelance Whales
12. Dirty Robot – Arling & Cameron
13. I’ll See You In My Dreams – The Real Tuesday Weld
14. Forever – The Explorers Club
15. Halfway Home – TV on the Radio

Proper gorge.

Here’re my 3 faves:

8. Kaiser Cartel’s Inside Out, which has shot them instantly to the top of my list of recent lovelies.

9. Sean Hayes’ Fucked Me Right Up, which ticks all the right boxes to satisfy my miserable singer/songwriter obsession. Important distinction: He isn’t Jack MacFarland.

11. Freelance Whales’ Kilojoules, which is just pure joy.

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