What’s going on with all the musician biopics

The gist of the article from Billboard:

James Brown
Names attached: Spike Lee, Wesley Snipes
Prognosis: Another Ray – a film with a long road ahead.

Jeff Buckley
Names attached: Jake Scott (Welcome to the Rileys), Ryan Jaffe, Robert Pattinson
Prognosis: Likely to be made; distribution will be another story.

Sam Cooke
Names attached: Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais (Across the Universe, The Commitments)
Prognosis: A go project

Sammy Davis Jr.
Names attached: OutKast’s Andre 3000, Rick Appling
Prognosis: Limited interest will keep this moving slowly.

Beatles manager Brian Epstein
Names attached: Vivek Tiwary
Prognosis: Beatles music in a movie means Paul, Ringo and the estates have approved it. If true, there should be no problem getting this made.

Aretha Franklin
Names attached: Franklin, Halle Berry Patina Miller from the Broadway musical Sister Act
Prognosis: As a TV movie it’s likely, but creative-control issues lurk.

Marvin Gaye
Names attached: Julien Temple (Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten, Sex Pistols doc The Filth and the Fury)
Prognosis: As proposed, this is not the biopic fans want to see.

Serge Gainsbourg
Names attached: Eric Elmosnino stars, Joann Sfar
Prognosis: A box-office gross of $5 million would be astounding.

CBGB founder Hilly Kristal
Names attached: Lisa Kristal Burgman, Brad Rosenberger, Randall Miller and Jody Savin
Prognosis: Romanticism over the time and place (particularly in light of Patti Smith’s recent National Book Award-winning memoir Just Kids) should spark interest. The soundtrack could make all the difference.

Elton John
Names attached: Lee Hall
Prognosis: Hall and John are too busy to focus on this. It is years away.

Peggy Lee
Names attached: Reese Witherspoon, Nora Ephron
Prognosis: Witherspoon’s announcement came out of the blue and was immediately greeted with skepticism – when would she have time to do this? There have been no follow-up reports since the initial announcement.

Names attached: Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon created Queen Films to participate in the movie with GK Films partners Graham King and Tim Headington. Sacha Baron Cohen stars as Freddie Mercury in script from Peter Morgan that is being worked on.
Prognosis: As real a movie as there is.

The Shaggs
Names attached: Katherine Dieckmann, Elle Fanning and Dakota Fanning
Prognosis: The musical will need to transfer to Broadway to spark enough interest in these no-hit wonders and their 1969 album, Philosophy of the World.

Frank Sinatra
Names attached: Martin Scorsese to direct
Prognosis: The start is easily three years away, plenty of time for other projects to arise. Everyone will want this to be perfect.

Dusty Springfield
Names attached: Nick Hurran, Ray Connelly,
Prognosis: Name recognition could be an issue in the US.  Production appears to have the right elements in place to proceed.


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