Lester Bangs on Joe Strummer

Obviously not literally. That would be a very different post.


“Strummer is an angry live wire whipping around the middle of the front stage, divesting himself of guitar to fall on one knee in no Elvis parody but pure outside-of-self frenzy, snarling through his shattered dental bombsite with face screwed up in all the rage you’ll ever need to convince you of The Clash’s authenticity, a desperation uncontrived, unstaged, a fury unleashed on the stage and writhing in upon itself in real pain that connects with the nerves of the audience like summer thunderbolts, and at this time pogoing reveals itself as such a pitifully insufficient response to a man by all appearances trapped and screaming, and it’s not your class system, it’s not Britain on the wane, it’s not even glandular fever, it’s the cage of life itself and all the anguish to break through which sometimes translates as a flash or something equally petty but in any case is rock n’ roll’s burning marrow.”

– Lester Bangs




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