Rainn Wilson’s favourite UK Office moments

Mahna Mahna

“Gareth’s monologues about snipers and little people were gifts from the comedy gods, but it was his dedication to the Mahna Mahna song from The Muppets which he performed in the opening credits in one episode that stands out. He’s singing it and just before Tim can tell him to stop, David comes out and joins in.”

Freelove Freeway

“It’s one of the all-time classic comedy scenes. Lyrically, it’s up there with anything any muso comedian has done. Gareth trying to give his boss some harmony, and being repeatedly shut down by David, before David just lets him do his thing and he wails out a massive harmony. Then they cut to lunch like nothing happened.”

The know-it-all IT guy

“One of the greatest sitcom cameos. He’s only in one episode, yet he’s one of the best characters in The Office. He’s sat at Gareth’s desk, fixing his computer and correcting any minor facts that Gareth gets wrong. He’s on a journey of one-upmanship. He out-Gareths Gareth.”

Keith upsetting Dawn

“Keith asks Dawn whether she knew that Tim used to ‘fancy her’. She claims to be unaware of it, to which he says, ‘Yeah, he did, and now he’s found someone better.’ That character was a revelation — he really did have some great lines.”


David being fired

“It’s David’s most humiliating moment: he gets fired and stands up to reveal he’s dressed as an ostrich from his waist down. To make matters worse, he has to go outside and do an interview. That was perfection in comedy because of the absurdity and despair at the same time. So sad and so ridiculous at the same time.”


Main image: Rex

Via Shortlist


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