Pearls from the Gibson website #guitars

For’s Top 50 Guitarists of All Time

“He didn’t swing wildly from nagging doo-wop melodies to improvisational freakouts to be funny, but because he could.” – Aidin Vaziri on Frank Zappa

“White is a junk collector, taking shiny bits of things nobody wants anymore and making them into something everyone has to have.” – Bryan Wawzenek on Jack White

“The Nirvana frontman recoiled against technical proficiency but there’s a good reason why people are still trying to emulate the dirty, pummeling riffs of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” nearly two decades after Cobain first played them. Even though he was a left-handed guitarist who, even after success came fast and hard, adamantly stuck with the junk shop models that would barely stay in tune when he played, Cobain had a totally unique ability to harness power.” – Aidin Vaziri on Kurt Cobain

“Steve Jones exploded on the scene in the mid-’70s – a one-man Les Paul blitzkrieg… His love of ’70s power pop and old-time rock and roll, combined with the in-your-face anger engendered by Johnny Rotten, resulted in furious chord runs, biting Chuck Berry steals and an overall sound that was as frightening as it was inspired” – Andrew Vaughan on Sex Pistol Steve Jones

“More than 20 years after Guns N’ Roses first b*tchslapped the sugary Sunset Strip metal scene of the mid-to-late ’80s, history now holds Slash as the single most influential guitarist to emerge from that highly competitive guitar-hero era.” – Sean Dooley on Slash

“What a warhorse.” – Aidin Vaziri on Angus Young


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