Any way you slice it, Brian Fallon’s got the moves

“I steal Bruce Springsteen’s seventies moves, but he steals Van Morrison’s seventies moves, and there’s a really hilarious clip on YouTube where you find a grumpy old Van Morrison and they ask him: “What do you think of Bruce Springsteen?” because Born to Run just came out, and he goes: [Mimics grumpy old Van Morrison.] “Bruce Springsteen? He steals my moves. My seventies moves.” And he says it just like that, and he’s all fat and gross and it’s so funny. But yeah, I totally steal. If you watch the London Hammersmith concert, my most stolen move is in 10th Avenue Freeze Out. He swings his arms and claps while he’s swinging his arms. That’s my most stolen move. But I know Bruce well enough to tell him I steal them. And he’s like [in Springsteen rasp], “Look, you took from me, and now my son’s taking from you. It all comes full circle.” That’s how he says it. I do impressions on the weekends.”

– Brian Fallon



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