The Office Re-Watch: Deleted Scenes

I’m broke, and I’ve spent the afternoon re-watching The Office after a few years.

Totally rewarding, and as marvellous as I remember, which is quite a relief since I’ve been crowing embarrassingly about it for roughly 10 years now, like the rest of civilisation.

I happened upon the one line that got me hooked the very first time I watched it. It spoke to how layered it was, and how much was going on that wasn’t in other things I’d been watching at the time.

FYI: It was the bit where David and Gareth are chatting to/about the lady in the wheelchair, and Gareth delivers one of his signature mortifying monologues, this time on how to sort out chancers from actual disabled people. Then David offers her a red nose, which she refuses to wear, and he looks straight at the camera and goes, “That’s fine. Her own decisions.

In all honesty, it gave me the same fuzzy feeling that watching old home movies of family does. Cos that’s what this is now, isn’t it?

Anyway, it’s also full of little gems you may have missed the first time. Like the Deleted Scenes.

Gareth: Stupidity puts me off my stroke.
Dawn: On you go.

Gareth: One of them, she’s an absolute stunner.
David: Well, what’s your definition of stunner?
Gareth: Looks like Nelly Furtado, so…
David: Mm.
Gareth: Except not as annoying.
David: Sure.


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