It’s taken me about 5 years, but I finally figured out the name of a song I heard one drunken night #MaxNormal #DieAntwoord

Alright – 2 or 3 separate drunken nights, some years ago. This was before I became an online research ninja.

Bit of Zef trip hop from Max Normal. Mystery solved.

I have a very vivid memory of having a drink with my best friend at the time, one night in darkest Student Land. I think I was in mid-sentence when a DJ at a club across the street put on a record. He grabbed my hand, dragged me out of the bar and across the freezing, dodgy Observatory street, and into the dingy club yelling “This is Max Normal!” You’ve never seen an Indian girl pay an entrance fee faster. He then screamed facts about Waddy Jones at me while we bopped worryingly on the dancefloor.

I had no idea who they were, but was totally hooked on something that I lost almost immediately.

They’ve evolved since. So have I. But this song still knocks the wind out of me, and most people who hear their mongrel brand of punk rap terrorism.


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