A Ryan Adams song you haven’t heard, but should

For the last while I’ve been deeply smitten, just in deep, deep, smit, with Don’t Get Sentimental On Me from the Elizabethtown Sessions. It’s a bit of a rarity, it turns out, and fairly tricky to get hold of. This live version, though, is extraordinary.

As a vocalist, Ryan Adams is the sound of a brave face. He’s tragic, but he’s never bleak. When his records turn darker (see How Do You Keep Love Alive or Jesus Don’t Touch My Baby), he has the ability to take us with him when he swims around in his despair, without ever letting go of our hands or giving us a reason to want him to.

I know you’re fine
I followed all the lines
Of the dress your lover bought you
And these drinks turn into maps
Of places we will never go
But for once don’t get sentimental on me


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