Wouldn’t describe myself as a fan, but Lady Gaga very nearly brought me tears this morning.

Specifically this quote, from her interview with The Telegraph’s Jon Pareles.

Can you tell me more about The Edge of Glory?

I wrote that song about my grandpa when he passed away, and it means a lot to me. Clarence Clemons played the saxophone, and I listened to him growing up so it represents my youth.

The song was about how when my grandma was standing over my grandfather while he was dying. There was this moment where I felt like he had sort of looked at her and reckoned that he had won in life. Like, ‘I’m a champion. We won. Our love made us a winner.’ They were married 60 years.

I thought about that idea, that the glorious moment of your life is when you decide that it’s okay to go, you don’t have any more words to say, more business, more mountains to climb.

You’re on the cliff, you tip your hat to yourself and you go. That’s what it was for me, in that moment when I witnessed it.

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