That Thing Fran Healy Said about songs and bookmarks… For @DizzyEdge_2011

It’s been a poorly-remembered paraphrasing in my head for about 10 years, and after misquoting it in dozens of conversations all this time, I’ve finally tracked down his actual words.

Slideshow is about songs, and about how those 3 songs in particular remind me of points in my life. I think songs are like bookmarks. They’re like little bookmarks in the book of your life, and whenever you hear them again they take you right back to that page.”

Introducing Slideshow for VH1 Storytellers. Their cover of Joni Mitchell’s River from this set was also outstanding.

Cause there is no design for life
There’s no devil’s haircut in my mind
There is not a wonderwall
to climb or step around
But there is a slideshow and it’s so slow
Flashing through my mind


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