Ye Olde Awesome: CCR

There is not a single Creedence Clearwater Revival song that doesn’t remind me of my parents, and their ill-advised sing-alongs to 1970s CCR albums. If my childhood were a movie montage, CCR would be playing over it.

Random facts about Who’ll Stop the Rain?:

  • The line, “I went down Virginia, seekin’ shelter from the storm” gave Bob Dylan the idea for the title of his 1975 song Shelter From The Storm.
  • Springsteen and the E Street Band used to cover this song in the early 1980s, and revived it in their 2003 tour when they’d use it to open every show when it rained. It’s exactly the sort of rich, protest Americana that we know Springsteen loves.

It’s nearly impossible to find a live recording of Creedence doing this back in the day, but here’s a wonderful clip of them doing Looking Out My Back Door.

One of those songs that’s so perfect for a movie character, you half expect to see him wandering around in the background of the video.


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