So there’s this band you should hear | @DryTheRiver

On recommendation from Q (because sometimes that’s how this works), I’ve hunted down some Dry the River. Q describes them as “the world’s hardest folk band”. How on earth could I pass that up?

Lead singer Peter Liddle reminds me of something Ricky Gervais once said about Mackenzie Crook in The Office. Something about how he had a little fledgling face, like a bird that had hatched too early, and because of that he could say the most horrendous things to you and you wouldn’t mind.

This song, Bible Belt, is extraordinary – delicate but fierce, like a fishbone in the heart, and lyrically strong. So yes. Dry the River. By all means.

And you say ‘my love, you take the cards that you’re dealt’
And when it’s dark outside, you light the fire yourself

Darling when the ice caps melt
When the devils in the bible belt
Don’t you cower in your bed
I’ll be at the five-four-five
You can meet me at the railway line
Don’t look so staid…

And the trick of it is, don’t be afraid anymore

Studio version


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