Singapore designers sort out loneliness

Designers at Singapore’s Design Incubator Centre have invented the Roly Poly – two twin, egg-shaped objects that mirror each other’s movements.

Says the official website:

“Roly Poly is designed to enable two individuals to “sense” the presence of each other even though they may be physically apart.

The mirrored movements in a pair of Roly Polys is such that a soft tap to rock one will simultaneously rock its partner to the same degree, creating a corresponding reaction in the other instantly.

While the Internet provides a vast array of text messaging and video calling interaction options, Roly Poly offers a unique, spontaneous and subtle mode of instant communication, exclusive between two individuals.

This distinctive application of technology for Roly Poly is a starting point for new possibilities in communication as well as to open new markets and research opportunities in human interaction and response.”



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