Gaslight Anthem in Rolling Stone


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One response to “Gaslight Anthem in Rolling Stone

  • Achariya

    It’s kind of amazing to think about the pressure that musicians are under nowadays, especially in America. If you’ve got Bruce Springsteen breathing down your neck, how the hell are you going to write music? His words make a lot of sense to me. You turn off the internet, hide out in a barn in Nashville, and just try to stay true to the music.

    It feels like Springsteen’s philosophy, in a way. His philosophy was always to have a hit album, and then pull back and write a quiet one, and not even try to top his previous success. I think it’s a great idea. “Oh that one was a hit? Great. Now I’m going to make an album that pleases nobody but myself.” Result, an album like Darkness on the Edge of Town, or Tunnel of Love…

    Hm I do seem to have rambled. Anyway. Glad to see them back to making music!

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