Patty Griffin and the list of two.

The last time I heard an artist and loved every song of theirs I heard, it was Ryan Adams, and if you’ve browsed this blog in even the most cursory way, you’ll know how much trouble that started.

And now, I’ve found Patty Griffin. So it’s a list of two.

Last year when I interviewed The Civil Wars, Joy Williams said she was at a Patty Griffin concert and heard the lilt in her voice when she knew she had to start writing better songs and being a better artist.

At the time I found it ironic, because that’s just the way I feel about Joy Williams, but now I totally understand.

The live version of this just wrecks me, but it’s only available in audio.

In an envelope, inside his coat
Is a chain I wore, around my throat
Along with, a note I wrote
Said “I love you but, I don’t… even know why”

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