Swedish shoegaze fever dreams: @IBreakHorses

Swedish indie outfit I Break Horses have this great layered, grainy, shoegazy sound that reminds me of the best bits of Death in Vegas and Au Revoir Simone.

They’re apparently touring with M83 this year (so sayeth Wikipedia).

Here are two intimate, live performances for The Bedroom Sessions, so you can watch them as they build their fuzzy soundscapes.

First Hearts:

And then Winter Beats:

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4 responses to “Swedish shoegaze fever dreams: @IBreakHorses

  • Achariya

    You + Swedish Music = love! Swedish indie in general is a wee obsession of mine, and I adore you for posting about it. Ever heard Panter? http://pantermusic.com/PANTER.html

    • the anti-laugh

      As a new rule of thumb, I’m going to just assume that you’re one step ahead on everything awesome!

      I’ve been lost down the Swedish folk rabbithole ever since The Tallest Man on Earth came down to South Africa a few months ago.

      And now I have a new one to investigate – thank you!


      • Achariya

        I linked you to Swedeandsour, right? I think they’re probably a little electro/pop for your taste, on second thought. But let’s see, there’s also Suomi Sounds for Finnish music (http://suomisoundsmofos.tumblr.com/), http://itsatrap.com/ for daily reporting about everything ever made in Scandinavia, and one that I just found for Danish music (http://www.passiveaggressive.dk/) … There’s more but hell if I can remember.

        One of my favorite guys is Fransson of New Moscow (http://newmoscow.bandcamp.com/) — I especially recommend Sobril. That song walks with me through depressing times, and I adore it.

        Sorry for the overwhelming response, it’s just so great to chat with someone who is equally enthusiastic about music :p …

      • the anti-laugh

        I’m saving these all furiously to look up in future – thank you so much! So lovely to know how many people respond to this tiny little area of awesome.

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