The appeal of The Newsroom’s Jim Harper. As explained by Mindy Kaling.

From These Are My Favorite Kinds Of Guys, Part One (26 August 2011):

“Aaron Sorkin characters:

I love Aaron Sorkin characters because I, like the rest of the North American world, have a fondness for witty, East Coast-y, over-educated, well-dressed Jewish guys.

The typical Sorkin character is a bleeding heart liberal who is the tiniest bit sassy. They are also deeply moral.

The West Wing was entirely populated with these guys, and they frequently had to stand up for what was right.  You knew there was a stirring Sorkin speech and some good W. Snuffy Walden scoring on tap every episode.”

I’ll just leave this with you. [SPOILER ALERT: From Season 1, Episode 3]


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