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They’re baaaaack… NEW: Frightened Rabbit @FRabbits

Eek! Off the folk rocking Scotsmen’s upcoming EP, State Hospital, due out next month.

Their fourth album is slated for release next year.

Her heart beats like a breeze block thrown down the stairs
Her skin is thicker than concrete, forced to be brave she was, she was
A broken elevator anthem held between floors
But if blood is thicker than concrete, all of it is not lost


@CYHSYband live in SA, thanks to @weareawesome and @adidasZA

Ticket sales for Clap Your Hands Say Yeah opened this morning at 09:00 on Webtickets.

Tour Dates:
Cape Town
13 April – Wittebome Civic Centre, Rosemead Avenue, Wynberg. 20:00
14th April – Town Hall, The Street, Newtown. 20:00

Says the press release, “The adidas All Originals Live Performances Series is a four-part music series of original performances brought to you by adidas Originals and We-are-awesome Events.

The series features carefully curated underground/indie international musicians in equally interesting venues ultimately bringing you an original music experience the likes of which have never been seen in South Africa before”

Let the record state that on the night Justin Vernon was summoned by the mainstream, he was dressed like a botany lecturer.

Just the little brown suit!

*clutches face and collapses*

The mighty, mighty Jezabels

I’ve recently been given The Jezabels’ Dark Storm EP and they are the best band I’ve heard all year long.

In our modern content sharing culture, it doesn’t really matter when things are released, it matters when they’re found, and in that sense I can see them becoming The Boxer Rebellion of last year in my personal set of headphones in 2012.

Here is some perfect, dreamy, power pop from Sydney.

How long, it seems I’ve waited
I’ve walked a thousand,
To see you to heaven,
To see you, where heather grows

Two new Joshua Radin songs about tomorrow

Joshua Radin is my favourite folk singer of recent years, so I’m deliriously happy to hear that there’s new material on the loose. These were both recorded in the last few months.

First, Bring Tomorrow.

The sun is down, the road is long
But something keeps me feeling strong
It’s you

Bring tomorrow
I ain’t got nothin to lose

And this is Tomorrow is Gonna Be Better.

Let the rain fall, let the rain fall
Til the day is new
And all that’s left is just me and you

The best of us is part of me

The Head and the Heart, oh my.

This band is the best thing I’ve found this week 🙂 Here’s the official video for Winter Song. Live in a record store, below.

Tell me somethin’, give me hope for the night
We don’t know how we feel
We’re just prayin’ that we’re doin’ this right
Though that’s not the way it seems

My dog Oscar’s 2 favourite songs.

Chosen specially by his fat little paw.

These are the two that set him running in from my garden to smoosh his little face next to my laptop and lie down.

I’m going to be single for a really long time, aren’t I?

Thom Yorke’s Atoms for Peace,

and Arcade Fire’s ye olde Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels)

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