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2 lovely songs from The Vicious Kind, with Adam Scott

I love that the writers of Parks and Recreation totally understand the appeal of Adam Scott. He really is a cross little hummingbird of a person.

Last weekend, however, I watched The Vicious Kind and he kind of broke my heart a little bit.

He plays the severely depressive Caleb, but rather than a miserable sad sack, his is just this openly volatile, aggressive, cruel character. He has wicked, acerbic lines and ruins something with just about every action he’s given, until things change.

I loved that this was such a complex portrait of depression – Caleb is given so much agency, and wasn’t just the victim of circumstance. He’s been horribly hurt by things he couldn’t control, but it’s the way he’s responded that’s submerged him with depression – he’s never denied that action, and the responsibility is always his.

Anyway, it’s so astutely written by  Lee Toland Krieger, and Adam Scott plays Caleb so beautifully that you ended up relating to/sympathising with him without being too aware of it, even (and sometimes especially) when he does horrendous things.

But the main thing about this movie was the wonderful soundtrack. Here are two powerful songs, one by Tyler Ramsey (who went on to join Band of Horses):

and one by Radical Face.

You really should get hold of this movie. Sad films are as exciting as any other films, and I won’t hear a word otherwise. They’re thought-provoking and challenging and stimulating – how is that not exciting?



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