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2 lovely songs from The Vicious Kind, with Adam Scott

I love that the writers of Parks and Recreation totally understand the appeal of Adam Scott. He really is a cross little hummingbird of a person.

Last weekend, however, I watched The Vicious Kind and he kind of broke my heart a little bit.

He plays the severely depressive Caleb, but rather than a miserable sad sack, his is just this openly volatile, aggressive, cruel character. He has wicked, acerbic lines and ruins something with just about every action he’s given, until things change.

I loved that this was such a complex portrait of depression – Caleb is given so much agency, and wasn’t just the victim of circumstance. He’s been horribly hurt by things he couldn’t control, but it’s the way he’s responded that’s submerged him with depression – he’s never denied that action, and the responsibility is always his.

Anyway, it’s so astutely written by  Lee Toland Krieger, and Adam Scott plays Caleb so beautifully that you ended up relating to/sympathising with him without being too aware of it, even (and sometimes especially) when he does horrendous things.

But the main thing about this movie was the wonderful soundtrack. Here are two powerful songs, one by Tyler Ramsey (who went on to join Band of Horses):

and one by Radical Face.

You really should get hold of this movie. Sad films are as exciting as any other films, and I won’t hear a word otherwise. They’re thought-provoking and challenging and stimulating – how is that not exciting?



#SonsOfAnarchy Awesomeness: @TheWhiteBuffalo

Weeping with happiness for Jake Smith and this perfect, perfect song.

Mother, I tried to do right by you,
To do what you asked me to.
I did wrong, and I knew.

Mother, I tried to behave for you.
Now I’m a-diggin’ a grave for you.
It was all I could do.

@WyeOak live

For the Berlin Sessions. As featured on Private Practice and The Walking Dead.

I am nothing without pretend
I know my faults
Can’t live with them
I am nothing without a man
I know my thoughts
But I can’t hide them

To out-hipster the hipsters | The Middle East

The Middle East. An Australian outfit with a cryptic name, who disbanded the minute they got any attention at all, leaving their tiny following to wonder if the band was so obscure it might not ever have actually existed.

Left behind some awfully pretty tunes tho, which are now the go-to choice for soundtracks of big budget indie dramedies (see Crazy Stupid Love and Jeff Who Lives at Home).

Also, look at this lovely album art.

say “your hair is long
but not long enough to reach
home to me
but your beard
someday might be”

Ryan Bingham’s got stories too

Ryan Bingham is the guy who co-wrote the songs from Crazy Heart with T-Bone Burnette, which won Oscars and Golden Globes etc.

Apparently his solo stuff is remarkable too.

‘Cause I’m wild running through the hills
And my eyes are on fire, wondering how you feel
And the miles upon miles keep falling from the sky
Don’t wait for me
When the flowers die

And this is an especially wonderful live performance of Southside of Heaven. You know how I get about harmonicas.

When I die, Lord
Oh, won’t you put my soul up on a train
Won’t you send it southbound
Give a cool blues man name

Sleeping at Last | Because @NCallegari says so

On the sage recommendation of @ncallegari (The Oracle of Nerd Awesomeness) in his Breaking Dawn soundtrack review, I thought I’d give Sleeping At Last a chance.

They have put out some awfully pretty songs. And their vocalist is quite captivating, really. Sort of Young the Giant/Audrye Sessions/Horse Feathers-ish.

Maybe it’s the thresholds that swallow us whole
As we learn to let go,
In spite of the dirt on our clothes

Gustavo Santaolalla’s The Wings will be the most emotional 3 1/2 minutes of your day | Brokeback Mountain

We’re all struck by the thousands of things about this film that make it excellent, but the one I remember most between watches is:

I’m always deeply affected by the profound violence of their love; like it got more and more aggressive each time it was denied.

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