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TRAILER: New Jeff Buckley movie with Penn Badgley

Thoughts, please.


Radiohead cover Tim Buckley

By now we’re all aware of the Buckley/Radiohead connection.

The boys went to see Jeff Buckley play one night in 1994, then went into the studio. Thom recorded 2 takes of the vocals on Fake Plastic Trees before breaking into tears.

The albums they released since can be marked as affected by the occasion, compared with the mild-mannered shoegaze they had released up until then.

We know the story, but sometimes things we already know can still break our hearts a little bit.

In my world the devil dances and dares
To leave my soul just anywhere,
Until I find peace in this world
Ill sing a song everywhere I can
Just too young to know any more

Paolo Nutini covers Tim Buckley

Well. Fred Neil. But Tim Buckley’s interpretation. Live in Amsterdam.

Ah, but sometimes I wonder, do you ever think of me?
I’ve been searching for the dolphins in the sea

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